wietse hage


sep 2015
Started teaching Media Philosophy at Hogeschool Rotterdam
jun 2015
Kickoff DevThis! project (IOT and Wearables) at Hogeschool Rotterdam
may 2015
Started teaching User Interface Evaluation at Hogeschool Rotterdam
jan 2015
Recorded 100th episode of "de Appels en Peren" podcast
dec 2014
Finished setting up new cloud environment for Blndr
aug 2014
Recorded the first "Live met Peren show" video with live audience
dec 2013
Finished setting up new cloud environment for Treehouse
oct 2013
Started company specialising in Amazon EC2 and generic VPS automation
may 2013
Gave presentation on developments in Mobile
mar 2010
Started teaching Scrum, Creativity and Usability at Hogeschool Rotterdam
jan 2009
Finished bachelor Media Technology
feb 2008
Gave presentation on the Web's Hidden Agenda at Fronteers meeting
may 2007
Started internship as front-end developer at Internet Agency Mangrove
sep 2006
Started teaching Media and Creativity at Willem de Kooning Academy
feb 2006
Milq Media launches website wintersporters.nl
feb 2005
Started Company Milq Media
jan 2005
Started internship as educator teaching at Hogeschool Rotterdam
sep 2003
Started bachelor Media Technology
jun 2002
Finished education (HAVO) at Comenius College in Capelle aan den IJssel
nov 2001
Started working at design agency PH Ontwerp in Rotterdam
may 1986
Born in Woerden